LibBoard: A vector graphics C++ library

(Exporting Postscript, SVG, and Fig files.)

The LibBoard C++ library

(Motivation for this piece of code) There are more people on this planet who are fluent in, or at least know as beginners, the C++ language than there are people who know all together the Postscript, SVG, and FIG (XFig) file formats. Actually Postscript is also a programming language, but that's part of another story.

The next point is: how can one draw a vector graphic with his favorite drawing software when this graphic involves a lot, say a huge amount of primitives, especially when the graphic would be easy to build using loops, variables, functions. Eventually, one may enjoy being able to code the drawing in C++ and then export it as an EPS file for inclusion in a LaTeX document, as an XFig file for further editing with Xfig, or as an SVG file that may be augmented/edited with any SVG drawing tool.


For now, LibBoard can handle primitives like lines, rectangles, triangles, polylines, circles, ellipses and text.

In future releases, bitmap insertion should be supported.

See the TODO file for a list of features that should be added in future releases.

Sample programs using the LibBoard library

The LibBoard logo

This program draws the LibBoard logo.

Source code: logo.cpp

Output files: logo_A4.svg, logo_A4.eps, or logo_A4.fig.

Simple drawing with transparency

Drawing with several primitives. (Note that the transparency is handled only with SVG files.)

Source code: example2.cpp

Output files: draw2.svg, draw2.eps, or draw2.fig.

Arithmetic coding illustration

Source code: arithmetic.cpp

Output files: arithm.svg, arithm.eps, or arithm.fig.

A CImg example

A sample program distributed with the CImg library, which uses LibBoard to achieve vector rendering of 3D primitives.

Source code: scene3d.cpp

Output files: output.svg, output.eps, and output.fig.



  • Starting with version 0.9.0, LibBoard is distributed under the term of the GNU Lesser General Public License.
  • Citing LibBoard
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Sourceforge download section

Click here to go to the download section on the Sourceforge server.

Latest development source code (version 0.9.0)

You may get the lastest source code from the Git repository with the command below:

git clone libboard




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